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5 Sites To Find Perfect Website Background (For Free)

Sick of a plain, solid color background for your website design? We know sometimes your web design looks better with a background image. Other times you just want to change up your design and add some visual flair. If you are looking for a cool background for your website then this is the perfect resource for you! We have put together this killer list of X sites to find the perfect website background. We limited the list to five as we know you probably don’t have the time to search dozens of sites just to find a background image.

Please note, the sites on our list are NOT affiliate links and we are NOT paid for any links we included to these sites. This is just a collection of sites that we have found and/or used in the past that offer free website backgrounds.

Free website background images

1. Pexels

free website background images on is a great site to find free stock images, videos and more. is a great site for free stock images as well as free website background images, free stock videos, etc. You can utilize their images for your background as well as other images on your site.

2. Unsplash

free website backgrounds on Unsplash

Unsplash is similar to Pexels in that you can get free images to use for your site and your website background.

3. Cool Backgrounds

sites to find perfect website background 4 a really cool free tool created by Moe Amaya that you can use to create a variety of website backgrounds as well as hero images, social banners, etc. This is a great resource if you are looking for more abstract options with the ability to change the colors of a lot of the images. Definitely worth checking out.

4. FreeImages

free website backgrounds from has a bunch of free cool backgrounds for free. It is definitely worth checking out to find free website background images. You can see the different kinds of background images and website background patterns in the screenshot above. You can visit their site to search for something suited to your design tastes.

5. picjumbo

sites to find perfect website background 6 has a large selection of free, high-resolution, free images that can be used as backgrounds for your website. No matter what you are looking for there is surely an image to meet your design style.

If you need help with your website design or have questions feel free to contact us. Also, if you have any other sites you recommend for free background images please leave them in the comment section so everyone can benefit from them.

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