Testimonials From Past Clients and Colleagues

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David H.

“I was impressed with Dan’s business acumen and in particular his work assessing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) of potential competitors. His insights and analysis uncovered some new competitors we had not previously considered and important new perspectives regarding our traditional competitors. Dan’s research and thinking also resulted in the identification of an additional potential target buyer type which has broadened the discussion internally about potential growth and scalability of the new service. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone looking for a smart, dedicated, and imaginative strategic marketer/market development professional.”

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Joe O.

“So happy to have Dan join IdeaPaint during my time there. Strong process and operational executive that brought those skills to the product creation funnel. Complimented this later on with go to market planning and leadership of the marketing function at IdeaPaint. Right person in the right time for the right role.”

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Dustin F.

“Executes ideas that were proven successful. Dan is a thorough, detail-oriented guy who sets organized goals and reaches them. If you are thinking about working with Dan one way, shape or form, I hope this gives you the confidence to move forward.”

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Louise N.

“I am so grateful I had the chance to have Daniel as a mentor. He always took my ideas into consideration and most importantly gave me the opportunity to execute and take the lead on them. Reporting directly to Dan was a great opportunity for me to grow both as an individual and professionally as he always gave me an honest opinion, shared his skills, and made sure I was going the right direction. Daniel is a great mentor, team player, listener, and leader. I had a great time working with and I highly recommend him as a mentor.”

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Martin D.

Dan has taught me a lot. The one thing that really stuck with me- time management. Teach-Include-Manage-Expectations. TIME!”

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