what is SEO in real estate

What is SEO in real estate?

SEO in real estate is a set of activities aimed at improving your ranking (and exposure) on search engines for specific, targeted keywords.
Search engines are what people use to search for things online. These include Google Search, Bing search, DuckDuckGo, etc.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. So taking a 50,000 foot view SEO is the deliberate act of optimizing your real estate website for search engines.

However, the term search engine optimization seems outdated to us. The reason is that you should be optimizing your website for both search engines and (even more importantly) for humans. You should be doing the stuff to make sure that you rank, sure. But SEO nowadays is about more than make sure robots know what your site is about. You want to make sure your content is focused on helping people. That means making sure it is relevant, correct, and high-value. You know, in other words, make sure it is helpful.

You can read more about that topic in our article on People-First Content Explained.

Back to the question, “what is SEO in real estate?” It is one discipline of real estate digital marketing. SEO is complex and it’s activities are wide-ranging. But to simplify we can break search engine optimization it down into three main buckets of activities. These buckets include:

  1. On-page SEO – including SEO optimized content marketing and factors such as headlines, title tags, meta descriptions and more.
  2. Off-page SEO – activities that promote and build the authority of your site and individual pieces of content, including promotion, white hat link building and more
  3. Technical SEO – activities that ensure your real estate website is working correctly from a technical standpoint

You can also include a fourth bucket, which is local SEO. These activities are aimed specifically at improving your search engine ranking in local search results, such as on Google Maps.

These different activities work together holistically to help you achieve the main goal of SEO, which is to improve the ranking of your real estate website and Google Business Profile on search engines.

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