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What Are SEO Copywriting Services?

SEO copywriting services create on-page content that is optimized to rank well for search engines and provide value to the reader. Macaw Digital Marketing offers high-quality, effective SEO copywriting at affordable pricing.

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Many SEO copywriters just stuff keywords in an article. But that doesn’t work. Our SEO content writing services are in line with the latest SEO best practices. We focus on topics and high-quality content. You also get keyword and topic research done by professional, SEO copywriters with top-notch copywriting skills. We produce on-page articles and blog posts that are optimized, relevant, and extremely high-quality.  

What You Get With Every work

Our SEO writing services are more than just copywriting.  We are different in that we do everything needed to produce valuable, optimized content. You’ll get valuable, optimized content without the resources or hassles. Our SEO copywriting package includes:

Topic and Keyword Research

You give us the topic and we will do the rest to help your content rank well. We do the research to understand what keywords to use to fully cover that topic, what points to cover, and what questions to answer to create the most valuable content for your audience.


Professional SEO Copywriting

Our professional seo copywriters are advanced in the latest SEO best practices and based in the United States. You get Search Engine Optimized copy that is high-quality and valuable to your target audience readers.

SEO and Readability Optimization

Every article undergoes our unique quality assurance process. We use multiple SEO and readability grading software to guide our writing ensure your content is optimized for both SEO and readability (based on your specific audience).

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CopyWriting services

Our digital marketing agency offers a full suite of content marketing services. In addition to the additional services below, we can help with content strategy, research, creation, promotion and management of your content marketing.

SEO CopyWriting services

The link between search engine results and effective SEO copywriting is massive. In fact, SEO copy is one of the most (if not most) important components of an effective SEO strategy. Optimized, SEO copy is critical for ranking your website pages and blog posts on a search engine. But effective SEO copywriting services involve more than keyword research and search engine optimization best practices. You also need an SEO copywriting service that knows how to product quality content. Why? Because quality content is critical in order to write helpful, valuable content and generate quality leads. 

Graphic Design & Creative

Our team also can create customized images or featured image for your articles, blog posts, and website pages. Don’t use stock images. We can create customized images for you that meet your brand and the topic of the article.

SEO Copywriting FAQs

SEO copywriting services are paid services that help you create on-page content that is optimized to rank well for search engines. Search engine optimized content is different from traditional copywriting as it is aimed at ranking well for search engines while also being high-quality and valuable for readers. It is used for on-page content that is indexable in search engines, such as blog posts, articles, and website pages. 

A copywriter is a professional writer who writes copy for a business. Specifically, copywriters can create copy for any advertising or marketing materials. 

An SEO Copywriter exclusively writes digital, on-page content. SEO optimized copy is used for on-page content that is indexable in search engines, such as blog posts, articles, and website pages. 

The best SEO copywriters will produce copy that:

  1. ranks well in search engine results
  2. is high quality content, fully covering topics in expert detail
  3. provides value to readers

The surge of Ai tools has created a new option for businesses when it comes to writing their copy. While these tools are helpful and have a place for generating ideas and drafts, they are far from being highly effective for high-quality, SEO optimized copy writers. Ai tools have been found in several cases to produce incorrect and/or repetitive information (be cautious of plagiarized content).

It is a wide belief in the SEO community that search engines, such as Google prioritize unique, high-quality content vs ai generated copy. 

There is not a standard price for SEO copywriters. Prices vary depending on different factors, especially the expertise of the writer and what is included in the price. 

For example, we include keyword research, SEO and grammar checks, and even featured images in our SEO optimized writing. 

It is important to understand who is writing your SEO copy and what you get for the advertised pricing. 

Our SEO copywriting prices are readily available. We even have a build your own quote tool that you can use to see your one-time or monthly cost.  

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