SEO Copywriting Services

SEO Copywriting Services: SEO content written by professional, certified SEO copywriters based in the USA. Our writing services includes everything from keyword research, copywriting, SEO optimization and featured image creative.

What Are SEO Copywriting Services?

Our SEO copywriting creates content that is optimized to rank for search engines and provide value to the reader. Many SEO copywriting companies just stuff keywords in an article. That doesn’t work. Our SEO content writing services are a lot more. You also get keyword research done by professional, SEO content writers with top-notch copywriting skills. We produce articles and blog posts that are optimized, relevant, and high-quality.  

What You Get With Each Article

Our SEO writing services are more than just copy writing.  We are different in that we do everything needed to produce valuable, optimized content. You’ll get valuable, optimized content without the resources or hassles. Our SEO copywriting package includes:

Keyword Research

You give us the topic. We do the research to understand what keywords to use, what points to cover, and what questions to answer to create the most valuable content for your audience.


Professional SEO Copywriting

Our professional seo copywriters are SEO trained and based in the United States. You get seo copy that is high-quality and valuable to your desired readers.

SEO & Readability Optimization Test

Every article undergoes our unique quality assurance process. We use SEO and readability grading software to ensure your content is optimized for both SEO and readability (based on your audience).

SEO Copywriting Services pricing

All-Inclusive Pricing

Each article includes:

Keyword Research

SEO Copywriting

Professional SEO copywriting done by SEO trained, US-based writers

Up to 2 Rounds of Revisions

SEO & Readability Testing


*Minimum article word count is 500 words.

Additional content services

Our digital marketing agency offers a full suite of content marketing services. In addition to the additional services below, we can help with content strategy, research, creation, promotion and management.

Creative / Images

Need customized images or featured image for your article, blog post, etc? Yeah, we do that too. Don't use stock images. We can create customized images for you that meet your brand and the topic of the article.

ready to get started?

Contact us for a free consultation and to get started.

We write for companies all throughout the US

We help clients anywhere in the United States with SEO copywriting services. We work with businesses locally in the Cape Coral/Fort Myers, Naples, and Sarasota/Venice, Florida areas. But we also work with customers throughout Florida and in all of the United States.

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