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HVAC Contractor Marketing: 5 Ways to Boost Your HVAC Business

HVAC Contractor Marketing can seem overwhelming to business owners, which is understandable. Like most small business owners you are working hard in your business. Dedicating time to marketing your HVAC business can be very difficult. But marketing your HVAC business is critical if you want to grow. And while HVC Marketing can be time consuming and seem difficult it is possible to have good results. We promise. And in this article we’ll provide some proven, battle-tested marketing strategies that you can use to grow your HVAC contractor business. You will learn how to combine free and paid adverting strategies to get more customers.

What is HVAC Contractor Marketing?

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HVAC Contractor Marketing is the act of marketing your heating-ventilation and cooling business. It may involve using traditional marketing and/or digital marketing strategies in order to build brand awareness and generate leads for your company.

Traditional marketing for HVAC businesses includes things like direct mail, newspaper advertisements, door hangers, or mass media (tv or radio ads).

Digital HVAC contractor marketing includes things like digital advertising, search engine optimization, local search engine optimization, content marketing, email marketing, social media and social media advertising, etc.

HVAC Contractor Marketing: Should You Do It?

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Absolutely! Like all businesses your goal is to not only pay your bills but to grow your HVAC business and be successful. But the HVAC contractor industry is very competitive. And it continues to grow. Check out some telling stats below.

The HVAC Industry

According to there are over 105,000 HVAC companies in the United States.

And the industry continues to grow significantly. In fact, according to the Air Conditioning Contractors of America organization, the HVAC services market is predicted to have a compound annual growth rate of 9.7% from 2019 to 2025.

How Can Digital Marketing Help Your HVAC Business?

You face a lot of competition. And in order to stand out from the crowd you need to successfully market your HVAC contractor business. You can’t wait for the phone to ring while hoping for the best.

That’s where marketing comes in. HVAC Contractor Marketing is a great way to stand out from your many competitors. But if you don’t know how to market your business it can seem overwhelming.

That’s why we made this article. To introduce some proven HVAC marketing techniques that can explode your business’s growth.

How do I grow my HVAC business?

Like most HVAC business owners you are probably asking yourself: How do I get more customers for my business?

As we mentioned earlier, effective HVAC marketing is obtainable. It is not magic. It is also not reserved for those with massive marketing budgets or internal marketing teams. A marketing budget does help, and thats why we share strategies that maximize your budget vs waste it. But there are ways to build your brand awareness and gain customers no matter what your budget is.

Read the marketing strategies down below in order to start growing your HVAC business.

Should I use an agency to market my HVAC Contractor Business?

Not everyone has the time, capability or desire to do their own marketing. The time you spend trying to learn, set-up and master digital marketing could be used on more productive tasks.

A digital marketing agency (like ours) has the expertise and experience to step right in and get started without wasting your time or money. Such an agency can also customize a package of digital marketing services to meet your needs and budget.

Strategies Grow Your HVAC Business

1. Build a HVAC Contractor website that shows credibility and quality

You don’t have to build a $20,000 website for your HVAC contracting business. But you should design and develop a professional, website that presents your business well and is optimized to target appropriate keywords.

Your HVAC website will be used as the landing spot for all of the activities we discuss below. Whether ads, local search leads, or direct mail, mostly every strategy will utilize your website.

Here are a few tips to maximize your website for lead generation:

  • Include your services, information about your company, your differentiators, etc.
  • Add strategically placed Call-to-Actions that signal what you want visitors to do
  • Use quick contact forms to capture more leads
  • Break up long chunks of text with images and use bullet points to make your content easier to digest

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2. Focus on your local search engine optimization

Your HVAC business is most likely a local or regional business. If so, there are some critical things you should do to market your business. Make sure your local search engine optimization is on point. This is critical. Completing the items below is a great start for local SEO.

i.Claim and optimize your Google Business Profile to get free leads from Google search

Claim your Google Business Profile. Doing so is completely free. And Google uses the information in your profile to understand who your business is, what services you provide, and what locations you serve.

You can claim your free listing, complete it and optimize it. Or you can hire an agency that provides a Google Business Profile Optimization service. If you do it yourself just make sure you fully complete the listing.

ii. Claim & market your HVAC contractor business on Yelp, Angi, and other listing sites to get free leads

Customers use sites like Yelp, Angi, Nextdoor, and others to find and see reviews on businesses like yours. You can claim and complete your profile for free. This will help you to show up and look credible when folks are looking for your business or your services.

iii. Reviews, Reviews, Reviews can propel your HVAC business

Claiming your Google Business Profile, Yelp Profile and others allows you to receive and respond to customer reviews. Google makes getting reviews pretty easy too. They provide you with a short link you can send to customers via email or text. You can also use a review generation service that will manage your review process.

Reviews help your business build credibility. They also help improve rankings and boost conversions. In other words, they help you both stand out and convert customers.

Ask every one of your customers for a review. When? It is ideal to ask them right after a good interaction when you are fresh in their mind. Waiting too long reduces the chances of getting a review.

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3. Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get leads from search engines

Focusing on search engine optimization (SEO) can also really help you with your HVAC business marketing. Optimizing your site and content marketing efforts for target keywords will help your business show up at the top of the search results. This is critical since most people search on Google or Bing when they have questions or are looking for something specific.

Creating search engine optimized content on your blog posts and web pages will help give you a better chance to show up for your target keywords. It will also help towards you showing up in local searches as Google will better understand your business and areas served.

A blog is a great way to execute HVAC contractor marketing. It will give you the opportunity to to rank for a slew of keywords. It also helps you build your authority and expertise with your HVAC customers.

Just remember to write SEO optimized content that your customers are searching for (they care about). Even more important, your content needs to provide a lot of value to your readers.

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4. Use Google Pay-Per-Click Ads to gain more potential customers

Running ads for your HVAC business via Google pay-per-click ads is an effective and immediate way to attract new customers. You will show up for searches that your website doesn’t rank for organically.

Aim to run PPC campaigns that target local customers in your service area who are searching for your target keywords. You have the ability to show your ads to specific individuals in specific locations looking for specific keywords.

Because setting up Google Ads can be complex you may consider having a HVAC marketing agency set-up and manage them for you.

5. Use Facebook Ads to get in front of potential HVAC customers

Facebook is another great way to build brand awareness and get in front of potential customers. Your potential clients spend a lot of time on social media. And social media marketing on channels like Facebook is a great way to gain exposure to both targeted and general audiences.

Organic social content doesn’t have much reach these days so you may not want to spend too much time on that. But running HVAC ads and boosting organic posts are effective forms of marketing for your HVAC business.

Need help with your HVAC Contractor Marketing?

Our digital marketing agency has a proven system to build your digital presence and generate leads for your HVAC business. If you want to start your HVAC contractor marketing we can help. Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation and proposal. There is no obligation.

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