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Local Content Ideas For Local Businesses 2022

Why do you need local content ideas? Content marketing can be used by any type of business to build brand awareness, generate traffic and get leads. It is useful for large enterprises but it is also useful for small and hyper-local businesses. If you’re a local business focused on local customers you should focus your time on creating local content. But knowing what local content to produce is the tricky part. There are dozens of ideas for local content if you get creative. Below we give some to get you started.

Why is local content important?

If you are a local business looking to attract and gain local customers then local content is important. According to a recent study by UpCity, local search is growing in importance for local businesses.

“Google continues to see local searches for nearby businesses and services account for at least 46% of all searches. When using a mobile device to conduct these searches, studies show that 76% of people end up visiting the business they found in a local search within a day, and 28% of those local searches result in a purchase.”


Local content helps establish proximity with search engines like Google, who take into account proximity signals. In other words, the search engines can better understand where you business is located and the area(s) it serves.

Quick tips for producing local content

Here are a few things to keep in mind when producing your content:

  • The content you produce should be centered on your local area or the area you service (if you are a service business)
  • Focus on your most important markets first instead of trying to produce content for everywhere
  • Create unique content at all times. Do not duplicate pages and simply change the focus locale
  • Always create content that provides value. Ask yourself, why am I producing this content and does it provide value to my reader? If not, then do not waste your time on it. Learn more about what makes good content.

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Local content ideas for your business

As mentioned before, there are numerous types of local content you can create, but we provide a few ideas below to get you started.

Location and service area pages

One local content idea is creating pages on your website. If you have a physical location or multiple locations create a location page for each one. If you are a service business (serving a location or region) then you can create pages for each locale you service. On these pages you can include information like:

  • Your address (if you have a physical location)
  • Contact information
  • Directions to your location (if you have a physical location)
  • Products offered at the location or in that service area
  • Services offered at the location or in that service area
  • Unique information about the locale

Local events and happenings

Another local content idea is generating content about what is going on in your local area. These can be events you are attending, sponsoring, or maybe you have a booth or exhibit.

Are you sponsoring an event? Talk about it. Are you attending an event? Talk about that to. Even if you aren’t attending or in any way involved you can still let people know about it. This will help not only create content tailored to your local audience, but it also helps you establish yourself as a source of information on local happenings. Use your blog to write about it and share it on social media as well as your Google Business Profile as a post.

Events at your location(s)

Here are some local content ideas that super relevant if you’re a business that holds events at your location(s). Think of holding ribbon cuttings, offering to host charity events, or even generate buzz about recurring events, such as live music or a weekly trivia night if you are a bar or restaurant. Any kind of event you do or can think to host you should be publicizing it.

Also, make your local publications aware of the events. Especially for community and charity events they may help by publicizing them.

Seasonal content

Does your business change seasonally? Create local content and create some local buzz to get locals excited. Here’s some local content ideas around seasonality:

  • If you are a retail store you may create content around seasonal sales, such as Black Friday
  • Create promotions and create buzz for special occasions or holidays
  • Does your service business offer specific services for different seasons? Create content to let people know about the changes
  • Similarly, are you a restaurant that offers things like patio dining in the warmer months? Let people know.

Need more ideas? See our guide on content marketing ideas for small businesses and see which ones would be relevant for your specific local business.

Conclusion: there are endless local content ideas

Local content marketing is becoming more and more important as local searches continue to grow. If you want your businesses to build local awareness and generate more traffic creating effective, local content is helpful. While we gave just a few local content ideas there are many more. Use your creativity to brainstorm more or hire a firm that can help provide content marketing services.

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