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Is Your Brand a Fingerprint?

Is your brand a fingerprint or is it a smudge?

When it comes to your brand, content marketing and messaging your goal should always be to create something truly unique. Or in other words, you should strive to become a fingerprint vs a smudge.

So what the heck is a fingerprint brand? And why should you want to be one vs a random smudge?

Read on to find out.

Fingerprint Brands vs Smudges

Smudge Brands

Let’s start with the alternative: a smudge, a smear, a spot, or a blemish. A “smudge” brand is one that is unrecognizable and doesn’t stand out from other options. Little to no effort was made to make it. It may have even been made by mistake or through no effort at all.

The problem with a smudge, when it comes to branding, is that your target audience can’t tell the difference between one smudge and the other. Or in other words, they can’t tell the difference between your brand and another. And even if they could, they are busy and rarely have the time or desire to put the effort in to do so.

Without any unique characteristics people will gloss over your brand and go to the next alternative.

So how do you catch attention and stand out? Well, you need to become a fingerprint brand.

Be a Fingerprint Brand

If you are sick of being a smudge it is time to create a fingerprint brand.

Oh the beauty of a fingerprint brand.

Your brand fingerprint is one-of-a-kind and unique solely to your business. Your fingerprint clearly stands out vs the crowd of “brand smudges”, vs the noise, vs the herd.

What is a fingerprint brand?

At a high-level, a fingerprint brand is one that has a clearly distinct, distinguishable brand identity and messaging. Simply put, having a fingerprint brand means being truly unique and different from the crowd. A fingerprint resonates in everything about your brand. It shows up in your messaging, your tone and voice, your offerings and their unique selling propositions, your visuals, and more.

Why strive to be a fingerprint brand?

A distinct, distinguishable brand identity and messaging is critical. Specifically, it is critical for any business that wants to stand out from the competition. Becoming a fingerprint helps your brand create a strong emotional connection with your target audience, it builds trust and credibility, and ultimately drive sales.

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Are you a fingerprint or a smudge?

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