Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Services to Grow Your Business

Our social media marketing services help your business gain a strong presence on social and build an engaged following.

Why Social Media Marketing Is Critical to Your Business

Marketing on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. is critical to your business’s success. Social is also an important part of a larger content marketing strategy. Use social media marketing to:

Build Brand Awareness

Social is where your target audience spends their time and consumes information. It’s a powerful platform to build brand awareness, increase customer engagement, and build loyalty. You can efficiently reach customers and prospects in large numbers. You can also get discovered by customers who wouldn’t have even known you existed.

Gain Exposure & Site Traffic

Social can be used to promote your brand and your website. Effective social content and social media advertising will drive engaged traffic to your site. Social profiles can also help your search engine exposure. Their high domain authority means your business will show up on search engine results. So even if you don’t have a website or rank for your brand people will still know you exist.

Increase Engagement

You can use social media to build a community of engaged, loyal brand advocates. Engaged customers are more likely to buy, interact, and refer your products or services than non-engaged customers. We produce effective content and develop social media marketing strategies that increase engagement.

Is social media part of your marketing strategy? If your business is not on social then it is missing out on valuable brand exposure and marketing opportunities.

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Improve Your Social Presence With Social Media Marketing

social media marketing connects you to engaged customers

Looking to boost your brand awareness, gain more traffic, and increase engagement with customers? If you aren’t on social media you are at a disadvantage. Even if you are, there is room for improvement. You might have social profiles set-up, but if they are inactive or ineffective they will not help accomplish your business’ goals.

If you are not actively publishing relevant and engaging content then you are missing out on customer engagement. Social profiles where you aren’t consistently producing valuable content for your target audience are useless.

Having active, effective company pages on all relevant social media platforms expands brand awareness and drives traffic to your website.

How Macaw Can Help With Your Social Media Goals

Macaw Digital Marketing has the expertise to get your business set up on social media, build your followers, and increase your brand awareness. Regardless of your current social presence, we can help.

We can help your business:

  • Set up your social pages
  • Develop an effective social marketing strategy
  • Create the actual content that provides consistent value to your customers
  • Stay on top of your social profiles through management of your channels

In short, we can get your business in front of your target customers and build an engaged following.

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FAQs About Social Media Marketing Services

What is social media marketing?

A definition of social media marketing is the use of any and all appropriate social media channels to promote your business, products, or services.

Why is marketing on social media effective?

Marketing on social is highly effective for building and growing your business. Social is a way to get discovered by new customers and keep top of mind with existing customers. You are given many platforms and channels to promote your business, products, or services in your own messaging and tone. Social provides the platform to efficiently reach a large audience for a relatively low cost. Providing engaged followers with valuable content allows you to attract and engage specific target audiences.

Why social media marketing is important?

Social is important because it is where a large majority of your customers spend their time. It is also where most of your customers get their news and information. Because of this, if your business is not present where your customers spend their time your brand will get left behind.

What are the most popular social channels?

New social are being created all the time, but the biggest channels remain pretty steady over time. In 2020 the most popular social channels (excluding messaging platforms), ranked by the number of users, according to Statista and Search Engine Journal reports were Facebook (2.45 billion users), YouTube (2 billion users), Instagram (1.16 billion users), TikTok (689 million users), Reddit (430 million users), Pinterest (416 million users), Snapchat (360 million users), Twitter (330 million users), Linkedin (310 million users), and Quora (300 million users).

Why is social media so heavily used?

Social media platforms give people a chance to express their opinions and build and join communities of like-minded individuals. Users, whether businesses or individuals are given an opportunity to share content and interact with others. Because of the amount of content social media is a great place to learn. Lastly, it is an amazing place to interact with other people with similar interests or needs.

How can social media marketing help you to build a brand?

It can help you build a brand because you can increase your exposure to your target audience. In other words, you can promote your brand to both current customers and new customers, which increases your brand awareness. It also keeps you in the minds of your customers. Lastly, you can increase your engagement with your target audience, which builds a community vs. just a customer base.

Does your business offer social media marketing services, including social media advertising services?

Yes. Our business offers a full range of social media services including account set up, account optimization, social media marketing strategy development, content production for your social channels, social media management, social media advertising (paid social ads), etc.

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