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About us: who we are, our founding story, and why we exist.

Who We Are & What We Do

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Our Founding Story

Dan Sarao - About Us Macaw
Macaw Digital Marketing Founder, Dan Sarao

Macaw was founded in the year 2020.

Macaw’s Founder Dan Sarao started the agency for two main reasons.

First, he saw an opportunity to work alongside talented, local digital marketers, SEOs, developers, etc. Some of whom found themselves out of work because of the Covid’s effect on the local economies.

Second, Dan’s passion for helping small businesses grow made the venture a perfect fit. Seeing a perfect opportunity to provide services to help local, small businesses remain strong and grow in a tough time was a perfect fit.

Learn more about Dan Sarao, his experience and background.

The Story Behind the Name: Why Are We Called Macaw?

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Macaws are beautiful and hard to ignore due to their bright colors and loud, talkative nature. They are bold, vibrant, and extremely intelligent. They stick together and take care of each other (a symbol of working for our local communities and supporting small businesses). And they live a really long time (as long as 80 years).

We searched long and hard to find our company’s symbol. We wanted one that perfectly exhibited the qualities not only of our company but the companies we want to work with.

The macaw perfectly represents us, our mission and our reason for existing.

We help build vibrant brands that stand out, and exist for a really, really long time. We build macaws.

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