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Macaw Digital Marketing is a trusted digital marketing agency helping businesses grow through effective digital marketing.

Learn more about us and what we do below.

What We Do

Macaw Digital Marketing is an award-winning digital marketing agency based in South Florida, USA. We specialize in SEO services, content marketing and custom web design and offer a full range of digital marketing services. Our sole purpose is to get results for your business.

Why We Exist

We exist to make your business stand out through effective digital marketing.

Competition is through the roof, and your business needs to stand out. That’s what our marketing agency does. We use content and digital marketing to help your business build the expertise, authority, and trust to stand out to your target customer. You will become the best solution your customer could ask for.

And when it comes time to pick one company vs the other they will surely pick yours.

“Our only purpose is to make our clients happy and successful. Truly nothing else matters.”
Dan Sarao

Macaw Digital Marketing Founder Dan Sarao.

Why Choose Us

Get Real Results

We custom tailor our marketing services to meet your specific needs and accomplish your specific goals vs. what earns us the most money.

Get a Better Relationship

Experience a smaller, boutique approach to digital marketing. Get treated like a valued partner vs. just another customer.

Get Ultimate Flexibility

Make us earn your business consistently by eliminating long-term contracts and giving you ultimate flexibility. You are in the driver’s seat.

Macaw Digital Marketing’s Founding Story

What we’re all about

Macaw Digital Marketing was founded in the year 2020 by Dan Sarao.

A former Marketing Executive with 12+ years of marketing, digital marketing and entrepreneurial experience. After relocating to South Florida Dan was frustrated by the process of finding another corporate position. Driven by a love for digital marketing and a desire to meet and work with business owners he founded Macaw Digital Marketing.

His passion for marketing, building meaningful relationships and helping businesses grow are at the heart of what we are all about. We live by our only goal, which is to help our clients be successful and happy.

Learn more about Dan Sarao, his experience and background.

The Story Behind Our Name

about macaw digital - about us

Our mission is to help build vibrant brands that stand out, and exist for a really, really long time. We build macaws.

Macaws are beautiful and hard to ignore due to their bright colors and loud, talkative nature. They are bold, vibrant, and extremely intelligent animals. Macaws stick together and take care of each other (a symbol of us wanting to work with our local communities and support local businesses). And they live a really long time (as long as 80 years).

We searched long and hard to find our company’s symbol. We wanted one that perfectly exhibited the qualities not only of our company but the companies we want to work with.

The macaw perfectly represents our company, our mission and our reason for existing.

Ready to Get Results?

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